We all imagine setting sail on our own private yachts, to a tropical island, drinking cocktails into the late evenings, watching the sun set over the backdrop of the distant horizon.

Croatia sunset hvar

Croatian Sunset, Korcula.

Lazing on beautiful beaches, frolicking in clear temperate waters and soaking in all of the rays that the sun has to offer, all in a days proceedings. Croatia makes the perfect holiday destination and ticks all of these boxes, plus many more

Croatia swiming hvar

Swimming off Stari Grad, Near Hvar


The scenery throughout the entire stretch of Croatia really is something else. It is without doubt one of the most scenic European countries. In a moment, close your eyes. Picture bulging oversize grey coloured rocky mountains scattered with lush greenery, set against the fierce sapphire blue coloured water of the Adriatic, and you’ve transported yourself through time and space to Croatia.

Croatia Sailing

Near Split, Croatia.

Croatia DUB

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

As you can imagine, each island, as well as the main land, has something truly unique to offer. From the affordable market style shopping in Split and Makarska, to the gorgeous old towns of Korcula, the amazing beaches and bars of Hvar, the astonishing national parks of Plitvice, Krka and Mljet, inside the old city walls and out to the beautiful ocean views of Dubrovnik. Croatia is something special.

Croatia Omis

View from the fortress, Omis, Croatia.

Whether you want to party hard, try the yummy local cuisine, be informed of the past by the gracious local people who are so passionate about their recently established country or just bask in the sun and enjoy the humid climate, Croatia will blow your mind. Guaranteed. Discover it for yourself.

Croatia hvar

Hvar, Croatia.

Croatia National Park

Mljet National Park, Croatia.

Croatia Winery

Winery, Stari Grad, Croatia.

Croatia hvar water

Hvar, Croatia.


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