Ever wondered what living on an island is actually like? The logistics, the day to day lifestyle and is it really something you would enjoy? Find out on what living the simple island life is all about. 

Living on beautiful islands like those in the Maldives can be like living in paradise. Well partly anyway. It’s what everyone dreams of right? Amazing beaches, pumping surf, countless palm trees and 32 degrees celsius every day.





Yet island life means living the simple life. I am someone who believes that I have always lived life reasonably simply. But living on an island has made me realise even more so what I really take for granted every day, including calling home the incredible countries that we do. I’m glad I am truly experiencing living a different lifestyle and trying to understand a different culture. Sure there’s moments where I miss little pleasures from back home but then I take a look around and think myself pretty lucky. Living the simple life is not easy and is not for everyone I understand.


you.theworld.wandering surfing Maldives



So here’s a look at what living on an island is actually like…

My list of things I am learning to live without:

  • Friends and Family.
  • Home and Away (my favourite Aussie TV show)
  • TV
  • Western standard of cleanliness in toilets.
  • Carrying toilet paper everywhere is a must. I miss seeing toilets that don’t have the butt flushing hose things.
  • Hot water in my kitchen.
  • Fly screens on windows to keep mosquitos out.
  • Drinking water from a tap.
  • Having a full length mirror.
  • Owning more kitchen utensils than you can count on one hand.
  • Having a backyard.
  • Being able to wear what I want.
  • Reliable and fast WIFI.
  • Recycling.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cheap phone credit.
  • Allen’s lollies.
  • Buying vegemite that doesn’t cost US $14 for the tiniest jar in the world.
  • Growing plants.
  • Soy milk.
  • Buying unfrozen meat from the butches / supermarket.
  • Driving myself around instead of taking taxis too and from work.
  • Bins on the streets / beaches.
  • Having a school phone (landlines don’t really exist) so parents can call my mobile all times of the night.
  • A quiet’s night sleep. Living in the compact city that Male is, listening to protests that begin at 10:30pm every night is normal.
  • Sleeping without being woken for the call to prayer.
  • Not having to plug a power point adapter in every time I want to use a power point.
  • Receiving mail in the post easily.
  • Men having equal respect for women.
  • Playing team sports.
  • Music and the radio.

I’m sure there’s more!

However.. in sacrificing all these little things I am still super happy. I have more time to do things that I love like surfing, reading, writing, photography, drawing etc. I get to explore some of the most amazing islands of the world every weekend and that in itself is enough for me to be willing to sacrifice all of the above things for now. The day I fall out of love with the ocean will be the day I will stop living life simply.



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  1. @ashleighsmeow says:

    So jealous. It reminds me of Thailand. All worth it though and you’re probably reflecting on how much ‘stuff’ we dong need.


  2. aladyinadelaide says:

    Great post. I couldn’t imagine living on an island for more than a week or two. Congratulations for being brave. We all dream of living the simple life on an island somewhere, but could we really do it. Look forward to hearing more:)


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