Hooked on Holland

Who knew that there was more to Holland than peep shows, coffee shops and sampling various baked (or smoked) goods in Amsterdam? Here we unravel 5 underrated Dutch highlight’s that are bound to get you hooked on the country of the clog.

1. Visit Little Venice. 

Far prettier than cruising the canals of the real Venice, Little Venice is full of quaint bridges, cute cottages and colourful flowers. Rent your own slow-paced little motor boat and weave your way through the beautiful little Dutch canals (did I mention completely romantic!!) Adventure out on to the open water and around friendly ducks all whilst taking in the beautiful countryside. Finish by enjoying a yummy lunch in the cafe (tasting famous Dutch mayonnaise) or wandering through the little shops to purchase the perfect souvenir to take back home. And there’s always time to squeeze in a yummy gelato before the return home. Little Venice is bound to be a day trip winner.



2. Madurodam Miniature City

An amazing miniature city that replicates many of Holland’s historical highlights. Just 1hr 20 mins by train in the south of Amsterdam, near the coast, you will learn of the many amazing iconic places that make this country so unique. Definitely a must. Pop over to Madurodam Miniature City for all the info you need.


3. Explore The City of Zwolle.

A smaller city in the north-east of the Netherlands that is only 1 hour from Amsterdam by train. Explore the city’s great shops, including the famous book shop, cafes, restaurants, pubs, parks and large church that offers great roof top views of the city below. A little more chilled than Amsterdam and the longer you stay, the more you won’t want to leave, guaranteed.


4. Netherland Beaches 

Who would have thought that going to the beach is an option in the Netherlands?! This country has a considerable coast line with lots of beaches to choose from though the waves in the Netherlands are highly dependable on windswells. Once winds switch to an off-shore direction, fun waves are bound to be had. Check out more at Magic Seaweed Holland if you are interested in surfing in the Netherlands.


5. The Dutch Spring Garden 

Known as Keukenhof, in Lisse, is definitely the place to visit for the true Dutch tulip experience. And gentlemen, this is bound to be a winner with your lady with over 800 different tulip varieties across 32 hectares. For more check out Keukenhof.



Any other suggestions? We would love to know other hidden Holland highlights! 

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