Listen To Your Intuition

At certain moments in time we experience a feeling from somewhere deep inside our subconscious.  It makes itself present in the pit of our stomachs, in the rapid beats of our hearts, in the sweatiness of our palms. A feeling we can’t ignore no matter how hard we try, even if we know it’s not the most logical or moral choice we are faced with. That feeling rages at you; stirs at you until you cave and decide to listen to the submerging inkling.

Yesterday I got this feeling. I was wandering a gemstone exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Glancing over all of the pretty coloured gemstones and jewels, the colours were incredible; more dazzling that those found in an ice-cream parlour. Just like buying ice-cream, I found myself in a dilemma. Not so much over the flavours but over the stones themselves. I really really wanted a beautiful stone yet didn’t want the guilty conscience and negative after thoughts of parting with my money. I thought I had convinced myself that I didn’t need a colourful stone, and I continued to ‘just look‘ right when, I knew that I just had to have this beautiful green stone. I walked away from it three times. But something deep inside of me was raging at me to buy this stone. I couldn’t justify to myself spending the money on a colourful rock. Again I walked away. But my heart was beating, my hands clammy and I just new that I felt better being near this rock. After 20 minutes, I caved. I handed over my $US along with my willpower and bought myself this stone in which the man was customising into a beautiful silver ring for me. Yes I not only bought the stone but was now also having it turned into a piece of jewellery. Feeling guilty for spending the money for the next 4 hours, whilst I continued to explore Colombo while I waited for it to be sized and set, I tried to make myself feel better about my latest purchase. But couldn’t.

It wasn’t until sipping on tea (something I rarely drink) over breakfast the next morning that I felt overwhelmingly happy about purchasing my colourful rock. I decided to google the meaning behind the Malachite stone. This is what I found:

Malachite. A beautiful green stone that is set to protect travellers from danger and overcome the fear of flying. It also protects the wearer from accidents, radiation, fluorescent lights (migraines) pollution and nightmares. Malachite stimulates dreams, imagination, creativity and intuition. It aids success in business and is a stone of balance. Known as ‘the mirror of the soul’ it absorbs negative emotions and stimulates clear thinking. Assists in changing situations and spiritual growth. Encourages living from the heart, happiness and love. Used for healing female health issues, releases liver toxins and known as a powerful stone for the physical heart, Malachite aids strong and healthy heart functions. Malachite also helps one find their rightful place in the universe.

Left feeling ridiculously happy and overwhelmed at what my new rock is set to do, I can’t help but feel it was simply meant to be. I was drawn to this stone, my intuition was raging and, for once, I listened. I’m getting better at this. I no longer feel guilty for spending the money but instead, I am now at ease with my rock and how many issues in my life that this beautiful stone is said to assist with. I guess time will tell…


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