Balinese Cuisine

Heading to Bali and wondering what to eat? Scared that it’s going to be all rice, noodles and carbs? Think again.


Here is a list of my favourite traditional Balinese dishes to try. Of course you can easily find western meals as well but from my experience travelling is about indulging amongst other cultures. This fortunately means sampling local cuisines as well.

Nasi Goreng is a very traditional and popular meal of the Balinese cuisine. It is the Balinese version of fried rice. ‘Nasi’ means ‘rice’ and ‘goreng’ translates to ‘fried’. It offers a delicious meal that can be mixed with egg and meat of your choice. 

Mie Goreng ‘Mie’ simply translates to ‘noodles’ and ‘goreng’ to ‘fried’ – ‘fried noodles.’ Mie Goreng is a traditional Balinese meal suitable for anyone. The Balinese eat this from a young age. It can be created differently from place to place around the island with different vegetables, meats and of course the level of chilli you desire.

Nasi Campur literally means ‘rice’ and a ‘mixed bag’. It includes tempe (soy beans), tofu, vegetables, egg and you choice of meat. Each warung can create its own ‘mix’ of nasi campur. It’s a definite favourite and you can never go wrong.

Cap Cay a mixed vegetable dish in a soup like simmer sauce. Can be eaten with rice if desired.

Lalapan a traditional meal that is served with chicken, tofu and tempe if you choose. It includes rice and vegetables such as cabbage and cucumber. Lalapan is found at many street stalls run by locals on the side walks of a night. Some restaurants/warungs will offer this very cheap ($2-$3) dish which is both filling and delicious. Each individual stall creates its own unique sambal chilli sauce to go with their lalapan.

Bakso Thin rice noodles with meatballs (chicken or beef) and soup. Bakso is found often found in streets stall where locals produce and sell it. It can be consumed at the street stall/market or if you are lucky enough to find a bakso shop/warung there. Bakso can be as spicy or not as you please. It is another very cheap meal and can be a small snack or large meal. It is about ($1-$3) depending on where you purchase it from.

Gado-Gado  A yummy peanut satay sauce with vegetables. Often served with boiled rice, tempe (soy), tofu and boiled eggs, depending on the chef’s interpretation. This is one of my favs! Be sure to try it.

Mie Kuah translates to ‘noodle soup.’ It is a delicious meal and can be quite filling. Mie Kuah is traditionally served as a noodle soup with chicken, egg and vegetables. The flavour of the soup can differ from place to place but in general it is a delicious cheap and easy meal. It depends where you buy it from for the price but can generally be  $2-5 depending which warung / restaurant you visit.

Bali Food



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