75 Things You Do When You Consider Yourself A ‘Busabouter’…

1. You know that the tree house doesn’t refer to a place where kids play.

2. You’ve learnt that toilet tipping is actually a thing.

3. You consider gelato to be a staple lunch-time meal.

4. You know where the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, guide’s phone and window hammers are kept on board.

5. The blue dot is your best friend. Just follow the blue dot.

6. You know how to nail your ‘Where are you from?’ ‘How long have you been travelling for?’ ‘Where are you going next?’ speech. 

7. You know where the Jesus statue is.

8. You’ve had the ‘Busabout Bark:’ a loud annoying chest cough that never seems to disappear no matter how many alcoholic beverages you sink.

9. Your alarm goes off at 7am every second day.

10. You buy more tins of ‘Pringles’ at service stops than you purchase yourself lunches.

11. You pull an all-nighter thinking you will sleep on the bus the next day but don’t.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.08.46 pm

12. The number 112 is forever imprinted into your brain.

13. You are on a constant search for wifi.

14. You try to order a ‘meat-lovers’ or ‘supreme’ pizza in Italy but instead received a ‘margarita’ pizza with only one other ingredient.

15. You think you have the train system dialed in each city.

16. You know that wearing a seatbelt is European law.

17. You order drinks in Spain and are surprised when you receive complimentary tapas.

18. You know where the ‘Top of Europe’ is.

19. You know where the best food markets are in Spain.

20. You took the wrong train at least once in the Cinque Terre.

21. You become oblivious to sunflowers.

22. You know what channel 2 means.

23. You know where the casino with the fancy cars is.

24. You consider yourself ‘cultured’ now that you say ‘pie-ay-ah’ (paella) instead of ‘pay-ell-ah.’


25. You can book a hostel bed in under 15 minutes.

26. You make puns such as ‘When in Rome’ and ‘Nice is nice.’

27. You eat a wild bore sandwich.

28. You know how to distinguish between real and fake leather.

29. You can almost memorise the orange and white checkered timetable and calendar.

30. You know your passport number and expiry date by heart thanks to the accommodation form.

31. You learn to drink beer in Europe.

32. You discover fruit flavour beer exists #wherehaveyoubeenallmylife

33. You learn how to pack your backpack or suitcase in a way your mum would be proud of in under 15 minutes.

34. You know the names of various concentration camps and feel a bigger sense of appreciation for your own life.

35. You know where the best karaoke bar in Italy is that also has a name that reveals slight sexual connotations.

36. You realise that pork knuckles isn’t a game.

37. You know rolling is more efficient than folding.

38. You save all your washing for one ginormous load.

39. You choose between your jeans with the ice cream stain or the jeans with the dirt mark.

40. You make a mental note of the happy hour time right after entering the wifi password as you check into a new hostel.

41. You know the words ‘bomb-shelter’ have nothing to do with war or hiding out.

42. You make a reference to ‘The Sound of Music’ when in Salzberg or at least hear one.


43. You realise just how much better Euros are than Australian dollars.

44. You become tired of scalpers trying to sell you souvenirs.

45. Yet you buy postcards or magnets in every city.

46. You know that tuna is a prohibited food.

47. You know fanny packs are unnecessary.

48. You tire of snorers. Snoring dorms should be a real thing.

49. Going to bed before midnight is just unheard of.

50. You told yourself you will make a better conscious effort to refill your water bottle to save coin on water. Nek minute: ‘Damn.. I need to buy water again.’

51. You look for the ‘sortie’ signs at train stations.

52. You’ve said the phrase ‘it’s such a small world’ at least twice.

53. You no longer find your orange band annoying. Instead it becomes a part of you and you have a secret intention to collect other coloured bands.

54. You lost something at a hostel.

55. You consider your eye mask and earplugs to be just as important as your toothbrush.

56. You know exactly how much better a bottom bunk really is.

57. You no longer feel guilty about having a siesta during the day and the thought of ‘I could actually get used to this’ has actually passed your mind more than once.


58. You know what the dreaded words ‘ninety-days’ refer to.

59. You curse every time you lock your suitcase and have to unlock it to again.

60. You have pasta as your go to meal.

61. You can say thank you in at least 3 different languages.

62. You now think the thought of a bike tour is kind of appealing.

63. You secretly want to ride a Segway.

64. You now know there’s more to Amsterdam than coffee shops and the Red Light District.

65. You contemplate buying a pushbike when you go back home.. but know you actually won’t.

66. You figure out there’s a certain time of day to post your photos to Instagram to capitalise on likes back home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.09.26 pm

67. You drink out of an ice-cube in a multi story nightclub in Prague.

68. You find yourself taking photos of every panel at the East Side Gallery.

69. Your arm becomes sore from holding steins incorrectly in Munich.

70. You get lost walking home in at least one European city in the early hours of the morning.

71. You either love or hate the selfie stick… there’s no in between.

72. You tick off more things on your bucket list than you thought you would before you left home.

73. Your love for travel and the number of items on your bucket list have doubled.

74. You return home and hash tag social media posts with #takemeback

75. You would give almost anything to do it all again in a heartbeat.

Got any suggestions you could add to this list? We Would love to know!!
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