How To Feel Fresh When Flying

I find it’s like as soon as my skin hears the word ‘aeroplane’, it breaks out in pimples. I’m not sure if this has to do with the change in temperature, air pressures, air conditioning, being sky high or a combination of all of the above, but since I started performing this little routine at airports and before hopping off my last flight, my skin has certainly loved me for it. Something so simple but means I don’t end up with nasty pimples days after flying. It keeps me feeling my best even though it can sometimes be over 24 hours without a shower.. Oh the joys of travel!!

In my carry on luggage, I carry a number of essential items to help keep me feeling fresh and clean as I hop my way from airport to airport. 


What I Carry:

A makeup power and brush
Mascara and eyeliner
Toothbrush and tiny tube of toothpaste
Mouth wash
Perfume and deodorant
Hair texture powder

I also wear a small pair of ballet shoes, take a spare pair of sockets and keep my thongs handy in my bag to alternate between.


My Stay Fresh Routine:

When I arrive at each new airport, I immediately disembark the plane, find the nearest toilets and perform my airport routine:

1. I wash my face with fresh cold water. Moisturise. Then apply my pressed powder and a little eye-liner.
2. I brush my teeth. Use mouthwash.
3. I reapply deodorant and perfume.
4. Put hair texture on the top and front of my hair. This acts a little like dry shampoo, except we all know that you can’t carry aerosols in flight. This is the next best thing.
5. I even sometimes wash my feet, change my sockets or wear my thongs.

This 10 minute routine makes all the difference to the way I feel for the next 10 or so hours, it stops me feeling icky when arriving at my new destination, plus it also really helps my skin.

Have any of your own tips of products you love when flying? Would love to hear what your in transit routine consists of! Leave a comment below.



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2 thoughts on “How To Feel Fresh When Flying

  1. damsel80 says:

    To be honest my favourite thing about flying is the opportunity to sleep, for example on the way back from New York this year i fell asleep during the take-off, as the plane was racing down the runway! I always leave my hair down during a flight otherwise it is uncomfortable and it makes my hair greasy, i always apply tons of lipbalm and keep a moisturising facial spray in my bag so i can feel refreshed and it feeds my skin.


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