Meet Sarah Richard, full-time travel blogger, world traveller and founder of inspiring travel blog ‘Coffee With A Slice Of Life.’


‘Coffee with a slice of life’ – that’s a cool name for a blog. What’s the meaning behind it..

It was February 2014 and I was in Ecuador. I sat down with a piece of paper and pen and wrote down everything I loved. It was a pretty simple list. And quite honestly it looked like something a child had written. ‘Swimming with fishes’ ‘slices of cake’ ‘milkshakes’ and ‘coffee’. But this was a travel website. I couldn’t call it fish flavoured milkshake, but I could call it ‘Coffee With A Slice Of Life.’ And that I did. Without even realising, I picked up my coffee and smiled while seeing my slice of life; the view of an Ecuadorian volcano.


Tell us your favourite places you’ve come to enjoy a coffee..

COLOMBIA! I remember one day I drank so much that my body started to shake, that country got me addicted to the stuff, it was just so god damn good. But second best has to be Indonesia. I love watching how it is grown and that smell of when it is ground. It’s crazy but coffee is a huge part of my travels. I enjoy nothing more than when I go to a new country and just sit in a coffee shop and observe my surroundings. It’s amazing how much you can learn from just watching the world.

Where do you call home..

Hong Kong. And I am so excited to say that. During probably my third year of travelling, I started to feel more lost than found. I no longer saw England as home, but I also didn’t see anywhere else as it either. I lived on boats, in hostels, on people’s couches and don’t get me wrong, I loved it. When I came to Hong Kong it was the first place that made me stop and think ‘yeah I could stay here.’ Its been six months now, and five years since I left the UK. And I can honestly say I love my new home.


Sarah 6

How long have you been running your travel blog..

It has been eighteen months now. I never started it thinking that it would lead to anything further than just having my Grandad read it ( however I don’t even think he reads it now). But I discovered a real passion for expressing myself through writing.

How did you get into blogging..

I saw some incredible sites while travelling South America and I just had to share my thoughts and feelings. To this day I still write every blog like I am writing it to my best friend. I get some really great feedback which really encourages me to keep going. When companies started offering to pay me for my content I started to realise the sky was the limit and I have now turned it into a full-time job.


When did you realise that you wanted to make travel a priority in your life..

I don’t think I ever realised it was travel I wanted to make a priority, I realised it was happiness. I got a big reality check a few years ago when our mum unexpectedly passed away, that was like someone saying ‘there we go; that’s how short life is, so what are you going to do about it?’ I never looked at life like that again since and literally got up, got a backpack and went to see the world.

Sarah 3

Three best travel experiences to date..

Moving to Hong Kong. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this has been living in a different country.

Scuba diving the Blue Hole in Belize.

Sailing through the Dariens Gap between Colombia and Panama for six days.

Sarah 1


Best travel tip..

Don’t have high expectations, don’t expect to see postcard beaches on the first day, fall in love and get a great tan. Let travel have its own mark on you. Don’t follow the same trail as everyone else.

What has travel taught you..

Travel has taught me how to live life. Honestly, I didn’t LIVE life before, I let in live itself and was just a spectator. Travel has taught me what I love, what I hate, how to be confident and how to be kind. Travel has shown me the real me.

Sarah 4


Future travel plans..

Plans.. whats are they? I find if I make them they never happen. But in saying that I do have some trips coming up. I am going to China in a few weeks to discover some Tibetan history, then Las Vegas for my birthday in October to see a friend, maybe have a few drinks too (laughs). I am currently trying to organise a trip to Bali for Christmas with a few friends from Hong Kong. But future life plans? Nope. To continue being happy, that’s my only plan.

Sarah 5


Best piece of advice for aspiring bloggers..

Don’t copy anyone else. BE YOU. There are a lot of blogs out there that are carbon copies of the next. You need to stand out. And be patient. That’s my best bit of advice. It doesn’t happen overnight, keep posting, keep adding, content is key.

A travel motto..

DO YOU. Be yourself. It is so important. Also travel light, mentally and physically, trust me on that. Less stuff equals less stress.


CLICK TO CHECK OUT SARAH’S BLOG: ‘Coffee With A Slice Of Life’

(All images courtesy of Sarah Richard).


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