What is Busabout?
Busabout is a great way to travel from country to country. I have used Busabout two years in a row now as my main from of transportation around Europe. They offer a Hop On Hop Off Bus Network, tours that travel through multiple countries over a certain number of days as well as island hopper boats and sails.

Where Does Busabout Travel To?
All over Europe including Eastern Europe, the UK, Ireland, Asia and North Africa.

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How Does It Work?
Choose the type of travel you desire – hop on hop off buses, tours, sails or island hopper cruises. With the ‘Hop On Hop Off’ Network, there are three set loops – the north, south and west loops. These loops are mapped out with a set route between destinations across Europe. Don’t want to travel an entire loop? No worries! You can choose the flexi pass option and simply choose which destinations you will wish take the bus between.

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The Loops:
The ‘Hop On Hop Off’ bus network couldn’t be simpler to use. Busabout have a pick up and drop off point in each city, usually a hostel, which certainly takes the getting lost factor out of travelling. It is here that you will be picked up / dropped off. Being dropped off at the recommended hostel is great, as it also takes the need for spending hours out of your travel schedule booking accommodation. Busabout have a number of recommended hostels in each city which can be very easily booked through their website. Staying at the drop off hostel is all too easy and also means you will be there ready for the next bus in a few days time.

Busabout loops mapImage courtesy of Busabout

All you need to do is:

  • Choose the type of Busabout travel that suits you and pay in advance before you leave for your trip.
  • Simply book yourself a seat on each bus via the ‘My Trip’ section on the Busabout website. This can be done weeks / months in advanced or as little as the day before you desire to travel.
  • Turn up to the pick up point with your passport and be whisked away to the following city. You will find yourself dropped off at the next recommended hostel in the new city.
  • Enjoy your time in the new city.
  • Make sure you have booked your next bus – remember you can stay as long as you like in each city. You do not have to take the bus the following day. It’s up to you to determine when you wish to take the bus to the next city.
  • Arrive at the pick up point and be taken to the next new city.

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Best Things About Busabout?

  • Meeting loads of people.
  • Especially great if you are travelling solo.
  • You will have an instant group of friends for each new city.
  • Meeting other like-minded travellers.
  • Recommended hostels are already found for you.
  • All you need to do is turn up at the pick up point if you aren’t already staying there on the day of the bus departure.
  • Means you won’t get lost in train stations, cities, airports and all of the above!
  • Website is relatively easy to use.
  • Doesn’t cost to change travel plans and swap bus days.
  • You get a free guidebook to Europe.
  • Each bus has an onboard guide who will give you all the best travel tips and info you may need plus they will help you with your booking on board if need be.

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How Much Does It Cost? How Can I Find Out More?  How Do I book?
Prices vary depending on the tour type you take. Click the link below to be redirected to the Busabout website for all of the information on all of the tours that they offer.



 Busabout really is the perfect combination of ‘must-see sights with off-beat adventures.’ It’s a travel network ‘made by travellers for travellers.’ (Busabout website)

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