27 Do’s and Don’ts Of Oktoberfest

What do you get when you cross a brewery, with Disneyland… cross a music festival??!                 OKTOBERFEST of course!! 

Some people get a surprise when they arrive at the festival and learn that there is a whole heap more action going on than just the seven million litres of beer that is served annually! Here’s my ’27 Do’s and Don’ts for Oktoberfest’ to make sure you are prepared for some of the best party days of your life!

  1. Do dress up! You will feel out of it if you don’t!
  1. Do bring loads of cash.. You’re going to need it.
  1. Don’t hold back on splurging on this event if your bank account will allow.
  1. Ladies: Do wear a good push up bra.. It’s all about cleavage.
  1. Guys: Do buy a sexy lederhosen. You will regret it if you don’t.



  1. Do expect to get covered in a little beer.
  1. And do wear enclosed shoes. Let’s be honest who wants beer in their sandals?
  1. Don’t stress, you don’t need to buy a ticket to enter the festival grounds.
  1. Do try to get a crew to go with. This will only add to your experience!




  1. Do get there early.
  1. Do learn the hand signals to order steins and radlers from your table.
  1. Do tip your beer wench. This will ensure they keep coming back to you and you’re not left stein-less for long lengths of time.
  1. Do explore more than one beer tent. There are 14 to be exact.

IMG_6927 IMG_6944

  1. Don’t hold your stein incorrectly or you will end up with a very, very sore wrist.
  1. Do use the word ‘prost’ to cheers.
  1. Do sing and dance to the brass band songs.
  1. Do indulge in too many German pork knuckles and pretzels and be sure to try the roast chicken and weisswurst.



  1. Do buy and wear a gingerbread heart.
  1. Do expect crowds.
  1. Do go on multiple rides…
  1. Don’t go on upside down rides after too many steins.




22. Do remember the beer served is around 7-8% alcohol – it’s strong and there’s lots of it!

23. Don’t stand on tabletops unless you want the entire tent cheering at you to skull your entire stein.

24. Do dance on top of the bench seats.


25. Do learn the words to songs like ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘If I could walk 500 miles…’

26. Do expect to get cold at night, even if you are drunk you will feel it!

27. Do embrace it all and have a wild, wild time!!


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