Day 1: East Coast Road Trip Series (Central Coast)

27th December 2015.

We said goodbye to family and friends this morning as we left home ready for three weeks of adventuring and exploring the best hidden gems of the East Coast of Aus.

East Coast Road Trip you.theworld.wanderingAmanda, my road trip buddy number 1.

The car completely packed.. two surfboards, a double bed mattress, a tent, two skateboards, two camping chairs, two sleeping bags, two massive shoe bags, and of course our two massive clothes bags. Plus lollies, snacks and an epic road trip playlist to keep us girls entertained.

After driving 5 hours and an empty bag of lollies, we pulled off the highway and decided to check out the Central Coast. Shelly Beach seems like a cool little town with a beachy vibe. The surf was super windy so we opted for lunch from the cafe by the surf club instead. Oh my.. big call but THE BEST HOT CHIPS EVER!! So much for the healthy eating we decided on just hours before.

East Coast Road Trip you.theworld.wanderingEating hair on the Central Coast….Hair ties are a must in this place.

East Coast Road Trip you.theworld.wanderingShelly Beach

East Coast Road Trip you.theworld.wanderingShelly Beach

The Entrance was just up the road a couple of minutes. What a beautiful lake. There was even a little island right in the middle. This is definitely somewhere I’d like to come back and spend a weekend.

We kept trekking on, pushed for time and a little stressed that it was now 5:20pm and we needed to find accommodation before 6pm. Amanda my co-pilot was doing the ring around of local holiday parks. We came to a little town Caves Beach, just out of Swansea, but no luck. It was the perfect accommodations for glampers and again, another place I would love to spend some time at. Beautiful dark timber ultra modern wood cabins conveniently located adjacent to a beachfront bar.

We arrived in Swansea and managed to secure a little patch of grass for our tent at 5:58pm. The two of us girls managed to construct the tent without too much hassle although there was a moment we thought tent poles we missing!! Wine, ciders and laughs consumed the rest of the night. And more laughs were had after I walked into a clothesline camouflaged in the darkness, right before we called it a night.

If day one is anything to go by lets just say I’m more than excited for the rest of our East Coast Road Trip adventure.


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