you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

Day 6 and 7: East Coast Road Trip (Falls Festival)

1st of January, 2016

….Falls Festival Day 1…

We woke with anticipation. The day we had been dreaming of over the past few months had finally arrived. An Australia summer is never complete without a decent music festival. And there’s no place I’d rather be right now than to bask in the Byron sunshine and listen to some of my favourite bands at Falls Festival.

We strategically packed the car (hiding our bottles of vodka and ciders), put on our best festival outfits and were north bound in no time, heading towards the North Byron Parklands. Managing to miss a turn at a round about, somehow we found ourselves again heading south following signs towards Ballina…the excitement was all too much.

After a u-turn and a few choice words followed by endless giggling we were back on track. We made our way to the venue and drove through the dirt farmland roads of the festival grounds. Arriving at our tent site, we laughed at the group of six guys next to us all trying to construct the one tent. Then karma kicked in and a dreaded security searching of our car began. 


you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip


Watching on as all of our belongings were being taken item by item out of the car and thrown all over the thickest grass ever, the car was searched for prohibited nasties. I was amazed when the security woman lifted the floor mat in the boot of my car. Under the mat is a table (which makes up the floor of the car and under the table is a secret hidey hole packed with sleeping bags  loaded with our bottles of vodka.) It’s also extremely hard to tell that it’s a table (it forms a fake floor), so naturally when the security officer lifted out the table, she saw the look of astonishment on my face.

By this time Bridgette and Amanda had managed to sneak off, leaving me to deal with the search. Whilst I was trying to remain calm and deter the lady from our secret alcohol stash, she managed to knock over our entire water supply and spill this all through the back of my car. This was followed by the search of our sleeping bags. Not only did she remove them from the car, she took them out of their covers and managed to find our entire alcohol supply. The bottles and cans were loaded in a bin in front of our eyes and were wheeled off to the bin security man. Feeling shattered that we had lost days worth of drinks and not to mention wasted lots of money, we joked that we needed to get friendly with the overweight bin man in charge of all of the confiscated alcohol.  We could have left the alcohol just laying on the front set of the car or even in the esky or glove box and it would never have even been searched!!


you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip


After more choice words and almost tears we decided to construct the tent (minus a beverage in hand in the hot Byron summer heat). Amanda and I set to work while Bridgette sat in the car eating lollies, filming us and offering words of encouragement. 15 minutes later the tent was up and the guy’s tent next door was somehow in a worse state than when we first arrived. Coming over to our site to see how us girls had constructed the ‘ropes’ of our tent, we joked asking the guys if they needed us to construct theres. If only we had vodka right now we could have sat back drinking our first bevies of the festival, watching the tent entertainment next-door. (I’m a little bit of a feminist and love when girls kick arse at something that guys are expected to be better at.. he he he  )

you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

…..The Festival…

Wristbands were on, ciders  in hand and we made our way into the festival. With two main stages, a whole bunch of boho shops and bars, we knew the next few days were going to be way too much fun.

you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip




We were blown away at the first artist…the beautiful voice of Meg Mac. The rest of the afternoon was spent dancing to Birds of Tokyo, Courtney Barnett, Paul Kelly, Rufus and Bloc Party. For me Rufus were the absolute highlight for the entire festival and we were luck enough to be front row during their set as well as for the amazing Bloc Party.


you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

….Day 2…

We were lucky enough to get picked up early morning and driven back to Bridgette’s place for a hot shower, breky and to get ready for Day 2.

you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

Day 2 was a little more mellow. We wandered the shops and stalls, purchased some jewellery and sampled some Mexican food. I discovered a new band Borns and will happily listen to their music again. That’s what I love about music festivals. The highlights of Day 2 included watching Foals and of course another of our favourites, dancing to Disclosure to end the festival.




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