you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

Day 10 East Coast Road Trip (Byron to Brisbane)

5th January, 2016

As the sayings go, all good things come to an end and when one door closes another opens.

We drove down to Ballina this morning, a thirty minute drive from Byron Bay. I put Amanda on a plane bound for Sydney as she had to return home to work. Bridgette was already working this morning. So the three of us all said our goodbyes, reminisced over the new wonderful memories we had made and went our separate ways.  Sigh..


you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip(Two days prior at Falls Festival)


But my adventure was not over just yet.. I have another two weeks to do some more exploring on our East Coast Road Trip. Today I was bound for Brisbane. My man from the Maldives was due to fly into the country. It’s been four months since we said our last goodbyes back in the Maldives in August last year. So I was more than excited to see him and have him visit Australia for the first time!!

The solo drive to Brisbane was a wet one, with traffic accidents clogging the highway. The drive itself took around 2.5 hours maybe a little longer in the wet.

I managed to arrive at the airport without getting lost…winning!!  And there Hupa was.. backpack, suitcase and surfboard, ready to embark on his first Australian adventure. I was so excited to see him and to begin our travels together. He’s visiting Australia for two months, so we have plenty of travelling to do!


you.theworld.wandering East Coast Road Trip

From the airport we drove into the city and checked into our hotel, Four Points by Sheraton. We were on a high floor and had a view of the beautiful Brisbane River. Only it was pouring down with rain and not a good day for exploring the city. So we made the most of our nice room, watching tv and indulging in room service. We had dinner tonight nearby our hotel as it was still raining and too wet to travel too far! Hopefully tomorrow brings some of that hot Queensland sunshine!!






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