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 April 11-17, 2016.



What is surf giving week?

SurfGiving Week is a fun challenge open to all surfers. Surf for 7 consecutive days and raise money for Australian Skin Cancer Research. The length of time in the surf and the surf craft used are not important. Just as long as you make it down to the ocean each day for a week and have a go at raising much needed funds for skin cancer!

The forth annual SurfGiving Week will be held during April 11-17, 2016.

How did it come about?

SurfGiving Week was established by a few surfing mates from the South Coast of NSW, whilst on a surfing trip. After a late night chat around the campfire, they decided to set a fun challenge to all surfers – to surf for 7 consecutive days and why not raise funds for charity whilst at it.


what do the funds raised go towards?

All donated funds raised via SurfGiving Week are directly donated to the Cancer Council Australia, an organistaion established in 1961 and is a leader of Australian Skin Cancer research and treatment.

how are funds raised?

Once you are a registered participant, tell your friends and family all about SurfGiving week! They can donate and sponsor you by finding your page on the SurfGiving my.causes website.

What do I need to do to get involved?

It’s super easy. Jump on to either the SurfGiving Week website and register with Here you can sponsor others,  donate or keep track of the amount of funds raised on the my.cause website. is a company that is connected directly from the SurfGiving website and they specialise in the administration of a wide variety of fundraising events. Registration requires participants to supply necessary contact details in order to set up their own fundraising page. Participants raise funds via donations on their own SurfGiving participant page. mycause tracks the funds each participant raises. All donations are immediately directed to The Cancer Council Australia.

meet the founder:

26 year old passionate surfer, Shayne Sutherland

SurfGiving Week you.theworld.wandering

SurfGiving Week you.theworld.wandering(Photo credit: Sticks Photography, Mark Croker).

Aussie surfer, Shayne Sutherland is a 26 y.o who loves spending his days in the ocean. Surfing since the age of 9, Shayne says he began surfing and ‘has never looked back’. Being exsposed to such harsh sun conditons here in Australia both as a surfer and surf coach means that Shayne understands that his chances of gaining skin cancer are relitively high. Shayne thought there was no better way to raise awareness for Skin Cancer other than go surfing even more!

Shayne, What are the best things about being involved in surf giving week?

The best thing about being involved with SGW is the amount of stoke that you receive from all of the participants. The simple challenge proves to be harder than everyone originally anticipates. The amount of positive feedback I receive is great and also I absolutely love the idea of surfing for 7 days in a row and at at the same time, doing it for a great cause – supporting skin cancer throughout Australia.

how do you personally feel surfing for 7 days straight?

I feel amazing!! It’s a great challenge that will only increase your happiness. Regardless of the conditions I feel much better after surfing and a little bit of Salt Water Therapy.

Best Advice for anyone thinking about taking up the 7 day surfing challenge?

Stay safe. Stay sun protected and most importantly have fun. Whether it’s riding a variety of surf craft or taking a friend surfing, it’s all for a great cause. Just get out there, enjoy the stoke and most of all “surf for a cause!”

where can i learn more About Surf giving week?

SurfGiving week you.theworld.wandering

SurfGiving Week you.theworld.wanderingShayne in the water with Surf Giving Week Ambassador, Jack Buchanan (NRL – West Tigers).

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