Mt Hay Retreat you.theworld.wandering

11.03: 2016 Things have been a little quiet travel wise this week at you.theworld.wandering headquarters, so we thought we’d post a pic from two weeks back at our stay at the luxurious Mt Hay Retreat, Berry, NSW.



04. 03 2016 On Saturdays we surf!! This shot was taken from last weekend at one of my favourite little beaches on the NSW south coast, Gerroa (2hrs south of Sydney).  READ MORE


you.theworld.wandering Mt Hay Retreat

29. 01 2016 This week I was lucky enough to attend a private luxury retreat, Mt Hay Retreat, in Berry, NSW. It was such an incredible experience. The views from our floor to roof windows, down over the beautiful mountains and out to the sea were truly spectacular. READ MORE


you.theworld.wandering photo of the week

19.02 2016: Exploring a little more at home is what I’ve been focusing on the past few weeks. This is from a mountain top thirty minutes from my home and it gives a beautiful view of the entire region where I live… Yet in my 26 years I had never stopped, only just driven past this fab spot. So here it is… Camberwarra Mountain, Shoalhaven, NSW.


you.theworldwandering Road Trip

11.02 2016: I spent 1.5 hours hanging out in the bush with these beautiful creatures. Although they were scared at first, they proved to be just as curious as we were.



21.09 2015 Exploring ‘home’ after returning from travelling. Wollongong, NSW south coast, Australia.


Surfing Cokes

04. 09 2015 Surfing ‘Cokes,’ Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives. Back in my happy place this week doing what I love most. The colour of the water, its warmth and the amount of sea life in this special place is truly amazing.


Day Spa Netherlands 2

20.08 2015 I put myself out of my comfort zone this week and went to a naked day spa resort in the Netherlands, where I was naked for 8 hours, with 800-1000 other people! Got to try these things once right?!


San Seb Sunset

11.08 2015: Sunset from San Sebastian, Spain.. whilst on a sunset boat party.. Too much fun!



30.07 2015 Barcelona Food Markets… The aromas and colours in here are amazing!



23.07 2015: This week I hiked solo through the cinque terre, italy. this shot is of the View over town of Vernazza.


DSC03154 2

13.07 2015: This week we went inside Inside the Colosseum, Rome, Italy.



 06.07 2015 Another shot from Kandooma Resort, South Male Atoll, Maldives. How could I not?! I would love to go back in a heart beat.



29/6 2015: A shot from Kandooma Resort. The perfect place to end my two weeks vacation.


Buddah Shrine

25.05 2015 Visiting a beautiful Buddhist temple and laying colourful waterlilies IN COLOMBO, Sri Lanka.


18.05 2015: Snorkeling the amazing reefs and drop-offs in the Maldives.


12.05 2015 Surfing Jail Breaks, North Male’ Atolls, Maldives.


4.05 2015: Hishaam, local Surf Guide and resident at Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives.


Tropical Flower. Thulusdhoo, Maldives.
26.04 2015 These Happy Flowers line the shoreline of Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives. 


15.04 2015: Me and my surfboard. Post surf. Wandering Thulusdhoo Island Maldives.

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